Environmental Foundation Awards UNPLUG Salem 12K Grant

  The Environmental Endowment of New Jersey has awarded The UNPLUG Salem Campaign - Close the Salem Nukes Now, a grant of twelve thousand dollars for the Campaign's public education work from May 1 2002 through May 1, 2003.

 This is the fifth time the Environmental Endowment has awarded a grant to the UNPLUG Salem Campaign. Grants in the past have ranged from seven to fifteen thousand dollars.

 The Environmental Endowment of New Jersey focuses on organizations working on issues concerning the Delaware Estuary, and estuaries in North Jersey.

 Commented Norm Cohen, Coordinator of the UNPLUG Salem Campaign, "We appreciate the continued support and confidence in our Campaign from the Environmental Endowment. Their continued support means that the Endowment is concerned about the effects of the two Salem Nukes on the Delaware Estuary, including the continued slaughter of fish, public health effects, and issues of safety and nuclear terrorism."

 "We will continue", said Cohen, "to act as a safety and public health watchdog while these two aging and dangerous nuclear plants remain open, and we will continue to press for their early decommissioning and replacement by alternative forms of energy."

 The UNPLUG Salem Campaign - Close the Salem Nukes Now is a network of 108 organizations, local, regional, national, civic, political, student, religious and environmental, who's aims are to close down the aging and dangerous Salem Units 1 and 2, to Stop the Salem Nuke Fish Slaughter, to act as a nuclear safety and public health watchdog, and to support alternative forms of energy.

 CONTACT: Norm Cohen 609-601-8583 Environmental Endowment: 609-341-2022