I represent the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE);

Society on the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)

as chair of its Nominating Committee for the "Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Service in the Public Interest.

The high reputation of this award owes a great deal to the work of the late Dr. Carl Barus, an engineer dedicated to the safe uses of technology, including nuclear energy.

His work paved the way for those who selflessly serve the public interest at great sacrifice to be recognized and honored.

The award was last granted in 2001 to development engineer Salvadore Castro for discovering and halting the use of a hazardous incubator (for which he was fired).

The award is given only when someone of heroic proportion rises against considerable odds to protect the public interest.

Dr. Nancy Kymn Harvin has been selected as the 2005 recipient of the Carl Barus Award.

Dr. Harvin has worked courageously to bring to light and resolution the safety and work environment issues plaguing the country's second largest nuclear power plant.

She did so at the cost of her high level position at PSEG Nuclear and at the likely cost of her career.

While insuring the public's interests were protected, Dr. Harvin has endured ridicule, harassment, intimidation, lies, threats and the abject disfavor of former colleagues and industry members.

Undaunted, she continues to speak out, though still paying a high price for her nuclear safety advocacy.

As you know, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has relied heavily upon Dr. Harvin during its investigations of safety matters at the site, nearly all of which have been substantiated and will hopefully be remedied before a catastrophe occurs.

Let me assure you that we have a thorough vetting process for this award.

Dr. Harvin's nomination has been overwhelmingly supported, including by Dr. Jill Lipoti of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection, David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Professors of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

I will advise you in the near future of the international venue in which we will present Dr. Harvin with the Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Service in the Public Interest.

The IEEE would welcome the attendance of a representative from the NRC.


J. Malvern Benjamin


J. Malvern Benjamin Chairman Awards Committee, SSIT, IEEE