Dr. Janette Sherman and Raymond Shadis will be the featured speakers at a Forum on Radiation and Your Health, to be held on Friday, September 8th, at 7:00 PM at the Salem Quaker Meetinghouse, Route 49, in Salem NJ. This Forum is part of the UNPLUG Salem Campaignís continuing series of public education forums on the various problems and dangers of the to Salem Nuclear Plants. Dr. Sherman will talk about the radiation dangers from Salem and Hope Creek and how radiation is involved as a cause of breast and other cancers. Ray Shadis will talk about how to go about closing a nuke plant down, and the decommissioning issues that follow. 
Dr Janette Sherman specializes in internal medicine and toxicology and is the author of the newly released book: Lifeís Delicate Balance, Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer. This new book is a follow-up to her previous book Chemical Exposure and Disease. Dr. Sherman will present a slide show on the connections between radiation and cancer, the connections between chemicals, radiation, and cancer, and how these connections relate to people living in the shadows of the Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Plants. Dr. Sherman received her B.S. in both Biology and Chemistry from Western Michigan University, and her medical degree from Wayne State University in 1964, followed by four years of post-graduate training. She has practiced internal medicine and toxicology since 1970. She is currently an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University, and continues her medical practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr Sherman is the author of over 70 articles on toxics, chemicals and radiation.
Dr. Sherman will have copies of her new book for purchase and for signing.
Ray Shadis, the other Forum speaker, is the Staff Technical Advisor for the New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, and Founder of Maineís Friends of the Coast, the group led the successful effort to shut down the Maine Yankee Nuclear Plant.
Shadis will talk to the group about how to go about shutting down a nuclear plant, and about decommissioning issues that follow shutdown. He is one of the most able and experienced anti-nuclear activists in the nation.
The New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution [NECNP], founded in 1972, is one of the nationís oldest and experienced
safe-energy advocacy organizations. In his position as Staff Technical Advisor to NECNP, Ray Shadis is responsible for tracking and addressing nuclear safety and environmental issues at New Englandís nine nuclear power stations. Four of these reactors are permanently shutdown and undergoing decommissioning. Shadisí duties also include interacting with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC], other federal agencies, and state regulators. His office also provides information and assistance to activists and grassroots organizations across the United States. Shadis reports handling nuclear information queries from as far afield as India and Japan, and from a constituency that ranges from students to retired nuclear engineers.
In 1995, Shadis founded the Maine environmental and nuclear-safety group, Friends of the Coast- Opposing Nuclear Pollution. The organization was successful in focusing regulatory, political, and media attention on safety defects in the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station which led to its permanent shutdown in December 1996 and the decision by the plantís owners to go into decommissioning in August of 1997. Friends of the Coast is the only citizenís environmental organization actively engaged in the Maine Yankee decommissioning. Shadis has served since 1997 on Maine Yankee Atomic Power Companyís Citizen Advisory Panel on Decommissioning.
The UNPLUG Salem Campaign, founded in 1996, is composed of 84 local, national, and regional organizations from all walks of life, from religious to environmental to peace to college. Its goal is the immediate shut down of the two aging and dangerous Salem Nuclear Plants. The UNPLUG Salem Campaign also acts as a safety watchdog while the plants remain open. UNPLUG Salem also works to promote alternative and green forms of energy.
This meeting is free and open to the public, who are urged to attend to become more informed on issues that can affect the health of their family and children. Light refreshments will be served.

CONTACT: Norm Cohen 609-601-8583