November 22, 2004

 Richard Codey, Governor

The State House

 P O Box 001

 Trenton, NJ 08625

 The Honorable Richard Codey:

As a Cumberland County Freeholder and resident of Southern New Jersey, I  am concerned for the health and safety of us all.

From all reports, the Nuclear Power Plants in Salem County are leaking radioactive tritium from the spent fuel pools and running with defective steam generators.

I  am also concerned about possible terrorist attacks, fire safety, and radioactive water spills.  It's time for EVERYONE to speak up and demand PSEG take responsibility for the safety of this country's second largest nuclear power plant located on the Delaware River in Salem County, New Jersey.

 Groups of people and individuals are crying out from two states, New Jersey and Delaware. Please hear them.

Newspapers are running stories criticizing PSEG's neglectful operations, lack of repairs, and employees' low moral: 11/21/2004 (two front page stories: News Journal of Del. and Atlantic  City Press) Is Hope Creek gambling with danger?  The price of blowing the whistle in Salem  11/19/2004 Scientists want Hope Creek restart postponed  11/13/2004 Safety at Hope Creek questioned 10/28/2004 Liquid gas plan worries nuclear plant  10/27/2004 Access to nuclear plant documents cut  10/26/2004 Del. Lawmakers question nuclear plant  10/21/2004 Nuke plant's neighbors should get the pill  10/19/2004 Hope Creek plant staying closed

 As State officials, you too should be concerned about the long term  regional health effects from continued doses of low-level radiation.  As a member of a recreational fishing family, I also care about, not just the millions of fish, but billions of fish and other marine life, that are slaughtered every year by the plants.

 I urge our Federal and State Government representatives to encourage  investment in renewable forms of energy, such as wind, solar, wave,  hydro, fuel cells, plus others to eliminate the threats to our  environment from nuclear power and coal power plants.

 We are very vulnerable. I'm calling on you to please act before it's too  late.


 Jane Y. Christy, Freeholder

 Cumberland County

Cc: Jon S. Corzine, U.S. Senator  Frank Lautenburg, U. S. Senator  Frank A. LoBiondo, U.S. Congressman  Steve Sweeney, N.J. State Senator  Nicholas Asselta, N.J. State Senator  Douglas Fisher, Assemblyman  John Burzichelli, Assemblyman  Dr. Jeff Van Drew, Assemblyman  John C. Gibson, Assemblyman  Norm Cohen, Unplug Salem