Dear Friends:

Thanks mostly to Deirdre Imus and the Tomorrow Children's Fund, we have collected 47 baby teeth from New Jersey children with cancer.

The state grant calls for us to collect 50 teeth, and test them for levels of radioactive Strontium-90.

However, of the 47 teeth, 9 are not usable. In four cases, the parent mixed teeth of the child with cancer and their sibling in the same envelope. In five other cases, the parents lived outside New Jersey during pregnancy (since most Sr-90 in baby teeth is taken up during pregnancy and early infancy, we classify teeth by residence during pregnancy). And our counter will not be able to get accurate results on some teeth because of the small mass of enamel. So, despite this great start, we need more teeth to fulfill our obligations to the state.

The grant year ends on July 1. I'm asking each of you to help in collecting additional teeth.

You could directly contact parents that you know, or share contact information with me, and I'll make the calls/send emails. I would also be willing to come to New Jersey to speak with individual parents or groups that you can identify.

If you need tooth envelopes and one-page information sheets, please provide me with your address and I'll send them.

These are also available on our web site ( You can also contact me at 718-857-9825. The average Sr-90 level in teeth from 54 children with cancer we've tested thus far is considerably higher than that of healthy children.

Similar results from New Jersey will make our study much more significant. We will present results in a press conference, and will publish articles in medical journals. And we're approaching legislatures in Connecticut and Pennsylvania for additional funds to extend the momentum for the project.

 This may be the most compelling information to date that radioactive emissions from nuclear reactors are harming the public. So please help in this important cause.

Thanks to all,

Joe Mangano

Radiation and Public Health Project