Junk Science?

A high concentration of strontium 90 has been found in the baby teeth in areas surrounding nuclear power plants.

 An on-going study of this has been modestly subsidized by the State of New Jersey.

This study checked the significance of previous findings. Nuclear power promoters call the investigation “Junk Science”.

 Industry “evidence” of no harm, is based on soil samples and readings from monitors which are so close to the plant that they are worthless, as proven by Radiation Chemist Dr. Chauncey Kepford (mentioned below).

Most of the effluents rise high above the plant and are carried distances governed by the whims of weather conditions.

The term “Junk Science” was concocted to ridicule the fact that smoking tobacco is dangerous.

It was later applied to findings about global warming and other environmental effects.

Every honest investigation of radioactive contamination by highly qualified scientists has been labeled “Junk Science”.

In the 1950’s, Dr. Alice Stewart was persecuted when she proved that there is no such thing as an absolutely safe dose of radiation from X-rays.

 Further proof resulted in reducing exposure in newer machines and introducing precautions.

Dr. John W Gofman was forced to resign from his position of Associate Director of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory when he found that the rules for allowed exposure from nuclear plants were damaging. This is a man who was a nuclear pioneer with several discoveries, and who won a top award for medical research.

His books on the medical effects of radiation on human health are classics.

Radiologist Dr. Ernest Sternglass invented devices for the early development of nuclear energy. When he discovered that official reports of exposure were false, and biased, he was smeared.

His book “Secret Fallout” documented real junk science by the nuclear industry.

Warehouse copies of his book were destroyed.

Dr. Asaaf Durokovic was chief of nuclear medicine at a VA hospital. He was fired when he protested the betrayal of our soldiers who were exposed to depleted uranium.

The Pentagon continues to officially deny that depleted uranium harmed them, just as they denied harm from Agent Orange in the Vietnam War and harm to atomic veterans who participated in atomic tests..

Horrible illness from exposure to depleted uranium has been followed by ghastly birth defects in wounded soldier’s children.

Uranium was detected in the semen of these soldiers.

A superb study of the effect of exposure to workers at Hanford by Dr. Thomas Mancuso was shelved because nuclear advocates did not like the results. Dr. Mancuso pioneered the science of health physics. He was forced to take early retirement, to prevent more unwelcome findings.

 Dr. Karl Z Morgan, director of health physics at Oak Ridge was muzzled, and forbidden to present his findings at a science conference.

Dr. Gordon MacLeod, director of the Pennsylvania Department of Health was fired when he protested the falsification of health data from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident. Farmers in the Three Mile Island Area got still born cattle, illness, and birth defects in their animals. This never occurred throughout generations of farming. Many people in the area died, as discovered by Dr. Stephen Wing, an epidemiologist. Some people exhibited classic radiation sickness. Yet, “official” reports say that none of this happened.

2000 TMI victims were denied their day in court by a biased judiciary. This was based on the claim that not enough radioactivity was released to do any harm. Independent readings by radiation Chemist Dr. Chauncey Kepford found extremely high readings 25 miles downwind of the Three Mile Island plant. There were absolutely no official meters to take readings downwind of the plant.

 Officials don’t know and don’t want to know that much more was released from that partial meltdown than they will ever admit.

 Dr. Kepford was fired from his teaching position at Pennsylvania State College.

 Censorship has been the rule in other nuclear nations also.

 Dr. Uri Bandazhevsky, in the Soviet Union, was imprisoned for finding that the number of people harmed from the Chernobyl accident was much greater than officially stated. People who bore false testimony against him disappeared. His associate, Dr. Alexander Nicolaivesky, was beaten and left for dead.

 Robert Rowen was fired at the Humboldt nuclear plant for protesting the fixing of radiation meters. I met another man, who was inspector at the Millstone plant. He was fired when he refused to falsify emission data. Millstone leaked so badly that it produced a level of fallout like fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.

 There was a 58 percent increase in cancer downwind of Millstone over a five year period. This consequence is “junk science” of course!

The horror of nuclear weapons programs by nuclear nations has made it imperative to put a friendly face on nuclear technology.

With multi-billion dollar subsidies up for grabs, anyone who has threatened boondoggles has been censored or persecuted.

There are many more people, than those mentioned, who have been repressed.

Before he resigned from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Peter Bradford said, “ The first casualty of nuclear power was the truth.” He said, “The history of nuclear power is a history of silenced concerned, rigged studies, and suppressed scientists”.

The people who howl the term “Junk Science”, whenever honest investigations expose the truth, are the same ones who have discovered a new law of physics.

They discovered that when you have a nuclear accident, the wind stops blowing. They are satisfied with a mere ten mile evacuation zone around a nuclear plant.

They claim it is good science to store radioactive wastes in highly earthquake prone regions where there is sometimes the presence of a volcano.

 They refuse to accept full responsibility for the potential harm they foist on everyone else in the event of a nuclear accident.

They need the Price Anderson Act which protects their property rights at the expense of everyone else.

Their claims violate the most elementary principles of physics, engineering, common sense and decency.

Their actions are not “Junk Science”.

They aren’t science at all.

Science is supposed to be an error correcting process. This process is corrupted by them when their subsidies are threatened.

Sidney Goodman, P.E., M.S.M.E.

author of “Asleep at the Geiger Counter”

published by Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc.