TO:  Harry Kaiser, PSEG

From: Norm Cohen

Dear Mr. Kaiser,

     Per our brief conversation at the NRC exit meeting, this letter is a request that you provide the UNPLUG Salem Campaign with a breakdown of your security staff as to what kind of security experience each person has. This can be in percentages. We are interested in knowing how many have combat military training, how many have only private or industrial security training, etc.

    Having read the article in the Sunbeam today about the discovery of plans for the Salem plants found in Afgan caves,  this letter includes several other requests. We would like to know the following information:

(1) What percentage of your engineers are contract employees, as opposed to employees on PSEG's payroll?
(2)  How many of your employees have had background checks done on them, and how deep were these checks?
(3) How many Pakistani, Iraqi, or other Moslem nationals work at PSEG Nuclear or for a contractor with PSEG?
(4) What percentage of PSEG engineers, including contracts, have less than one years experience?
(5) Was there an Iraqi national who worked at Salem as an engineer who was un-American in his statements? Is he still there?
(6) What percentage of employees, including contract, are not US citizens, but are holding "Green Cards"?
(7) I understand that the software for PSEG's emergency response network is now outsourced to India. How secure is that software?
(8) Are there still records stored in an unsecured area in building TB2 as they were in the past?
(9) Did PSEG's Director of Security write, in a letter to a Congressman, that PSEG's security was so good that "the National Guard should leave, because the Guard's presence is too intimidating?"  Did Security reject the Guard's request for 50 caliber machine guns along the perimeter of Artificial Island?

   Finally, because of the article today, UNPLUG Salem requests that myself and other representatives of UNPLUG Salem be given the same security tour and briefing that was given to Assemblypersons Quigley and Guear. We also renew our request of you and the NRC that a public meeting on security at Artificial Island be held in the next few weeks, to help allay public concern over security at the Island.

                                        Norm Cohen

The UNPLUG SALEM Campaign-
Shut Down The Salem Nukes Now!
321 Barr Ave., Linwood NJ 08221