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Date 03/27/11

For Immediate Release:


                                     Nuke Watchdog Group See Christie Nuke Panel as One-sided



       The UNPLUG Salem Campaign is very disappointed at the composition and current plans for Governor Christie's new "Nuclear Review Task Force"  that will be reviewing nuclear safety and emergency preparedness at New Jersey's four nuclear power plants.


     "There appears to have been no effort or thought in bringing in experts from outside of the state to provide an unbiased review of safety issues at our four aging and vulnerable nuclear plants. Princeton physics professor Frank von Hippel, who helped the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton produce a study on the safety of our state's nukes, would have been a good and unbiased choice to head a state panel", said Norm Cohen, Coordinator of the UNPLUG Salem Campaign, which watchdogs PSEG's three nuclear plants.


   " There appears to be no plan for public forums at each site, and no effort was made to reach out to the local watchdogs and opponents of our local nukes, " Cohen continued. "Finally, putting  Charles B. McKenna,  Col. Rick Fuentes,  Lee Solomon and Bob Martin on this panel is bound to result in a biased report, as each of these people represent state offices that already have positions on the safety of our nuclear plants. Col. Fuentes, for example, has vigorously defended the State's Evacuation Plan every year at the public hearings. He has never seen a scenario that would not work under the State Plan. The NJ DEP has read every NRC report and attends all NRC meetings with each nuclear plant. The DEP rarely opposes the NRC on any issues.

This panel is just a case of foxes guarding henhouses."


    UNPLUG Salem suggests that the Panel be expanded to include members who are neutral, as well as representatives of the nuclear watchdog community. We also suggest that the panel hold public hearings at each nuclear site. If not, then this panel will just be a waste of taxpayer dollars.




Norm Cohen