Princeton University Task Force To Release Study On Ways To Protect NJ From Nuclear Reactor Terrorism

 UNPLUG Salem Coordinator To Speak At a press conference on Tuesday, May21st, at 11:00 AM in room 209 in the State House in Trenton,

 a Task Force of Princeton University students will release a report on the ways to mitigate the consequences of potential terrorist attacks against the three nuclear power plants located in Salem County, New Jersey. The three nuclear plants, Salem Units 1 and 2, and Hope Creek, are located about 15 miles south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, in Lower Alloways Township, in Salem County. The report preparation was supervised by Professor Frank von Hippel of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School and Professor Zia Mian, a Pakistani physicist who is a lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. The report was produced by five students at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, as part of a Community Based Learning Initiative project. 

The report was commissioned by the Coalition for Peace Action, Princeton. Appearing at the press conference will be the five student authors: Noelle Grohmann, Eric Carlson, Nina Sen, John Paul Chou, and Thomas Zychinski, Professors von Hippel and Mian, Rev Robert Moore, Executive Director of the Coalition for Peace Action, Norm Cohen, Coordinator of Close The Salem Nukes Now - The UNPLUG Salem Campaign, and representatives of some of the Trenton based UNPLUG Salem organizational members. 

The report makes specific suggestions for improving security at the three nuclear plants, including increasing the numbers, training and pay of the guards at the facilities, better screening of all employees, including not allowing employees to work until their background checks are complete, and advance distribution of Potassium Iodide tablets to all residents within 50 miles of a nuclear plant. In addition, the report recommends shifting most of the spent fuel out of the spent fuel storage pools into safer dry storage casks. 

Commented Norm Cohen, Coordinator of Close the Salem Nukes Now - The UNPLUG Salem Campaign, "This report supports many of the recommendations we have made to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on increasing the security at these three nuclear plants. While of course we feel the way to make a nuclear plant totally secure is to shut it down, we support most of the recommendations in this study." Professor von Hippel is a physicist and nuclear policy analyst. He was the former Assistant Director for National Security at the White House Science Advisor's Office. Von Hippel is Chairman of the Federation of American Scientists and has been awarded the prestigious Macarthur Prize, also known as the "genius awards". Dr. Mian is the author of numerous books and articles on nuclear danger in Pakistan and South Asia. Rev. Moore, originally trained as an engineer, has been Executive Director of the Coalition for Peace Action for over twenty years, and is also Pastor of East Brunswick's Congregational Church. Norm Cohen is both Coordinator of Close The Salem Nukes Now - 

The UNPLUG Salem Campaign and the Executive Director of the Coalition for Peace and Justice. Contact: Robert Moore: 609-924-5022 Norm Cohen: 609-601-8583