PSEG's Cobalt Plan Flawed and Dangerous



    In a letter sent today to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)  by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the UNPLUG Salem Campaign and the NJ Environmental Federation, David Lochbaum, Director, Nuclear Safety Project of UCS, has urged the NRC to not allow PSEG to produce Cobalt-60 at their Hope Creek Nuclear Plant unless serious safety deficiencies are corrected.

    According to Lochbaum, PSEG's request "had blatant and inexplicable shortcomings." Lochbaum continues:

"At a site chronically plagued by human performance problems, PSEG proposes to reduce safety margins by replacing physically assured protection...with protection requiring zero mistakes by workers.."

    Norm Cohen, Coordinator of the UNPLUG Salem Campaign commented that "producing highly radioactive and dangerous Cobalt-60 and weakening safety margins at the same time just adds one more potential nuclear threat to South Jersey by PSEG and the NRC. It is bad enough that residents in South Jersey will be unwitting guinea pigs in NRC's experiment to extend the life of aging clunker nuke plants by 20 years, now NRC wants us to be observers in an experiment to produce Cobalt-60."

    UNPUG Salem urges the NRC and PSEG to cancel their plans to produce this dangerous radioactive substance.


CONTACT: Norm Cohen: 609-335-8176

                      David Lochbaum: 423-468-9272