Subject: NRC info notice on shaky Hope Creek pump (NRC notice on vibration of pump shaft .pdf)

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 08:45:47 -0400

Good Day:

On April 5, 2005, the NRC issued the attached Information Notice to plant owners about the problems encountered at the Hoep Creek nuclear plant.

In this notice, the NRC reported that a warning issued by General Electric in 1991 recommended that owners inspect the shafts on their recirculation pumps when greater than 80,000 hours of operation had been accumulated.

The NRC reported that the recirculation pumps at Hope Creek have operated for greater than 130,000 hours without the recommended inspections.

The NRC reported that some nuclear plants like Hope Creek have been operating recirculation pumps for even longer than 130,000 hours without inspections.

Apparently, there's some industry contest running to see who can ignore GE's warning the longest.

Given that Hope Creek ignored GE's warning for 14 years (and running), it's probably safe to assume that other plant owners will ignore this NRC warning until 2019 or so.

After all, on the fourth page of this notice, the NRC informed plant owners that "This information notices requires no specific action.

" Very odd, considering that it was "no specific action" by PSEG that prompted this information notice in the first place.

Thanks, Dave Lochbaum

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