Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee chair, Pete Domenici (R-NM) drafted a bill which is a nuclear industry and Bush-Cheney wish list that would fund new nuclear power reactors in the United States and abroad. A Senate floor vote could occur as early as May.  As of now the bill has no number.

This bill would:
· Renew Price-Anderson indefinitely.  Price-Anderson is the law which absolves nuclear utilities of full potential cost in the event of a nuclear accident. This law has been renewed in the past every 10 or 15 years.

· Use taxpayer money to construct NEW nuclear reactors. So-called “inherently safe” reactors would be constructed using our money to cover up to 50% of the cost under the Nuclear Power 2010 program. Some estimates are as much as $30 Billion could be spent under this program.

· Use nuclear reactors to generate hydrogen for Bush’s Hydrogen Initiative. In fact, it would authorize $1 Billion to build a new hydrogen production reactor. This ignores the fact that hydrogen generation can be accomplished other ways faster, with less money and less harm to the environment. For more detailed information see NIRS fact sheet at

· Fund the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative which would start reprocessing and fund MOX. Reprocessing was banned by the Carter administration because of health and environmental contamination concerns. The MOX program attempts (and fails) to get rid of weapons-grade plutonium by irradiating it in nuclear reactors which were not designed to handle it.

What you can do:

1) Contact your Senators (Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121) and ( Tell them to oppose any funding for nuclear power programs.

2) You can also fax to them at:

3) Begin to educate and organize your friends, colleagues and communities, and encourage them to call and e-mail the Congress and ).
4) Join NIRS’ e-mail Alert list to receive updates on this and other issues where you can make a difference. Ask your friends to join too. Just send your e-mail address to

5) Sign this group statement (organizations only, please):

Nuclear power has had its chance and it is time we moved on to energy technologies that are sustainable, safe and actually work. Letters to the editor and op-eds are very appropriate at this time, and should focus on the huge waste of taxpayer money that additional subsidies for the nuclear power industry would represent. Just imagine the level of sustainable energy that could be developed with the billions of dollars authorized by Senator Domenici’s energy bill! For a more detailed bill analysis, please see the Nuclear Monitor Extra at