Thinking twice about nuclear power.  


Nothing has really changed.  Decades ago, the nuclear industry boasted that

nuclear power does not release greenhouse gases.  The opposite was true then and

the opposite is true now.


Enormous amounts of coal were burned in the preparation of nuclear fuel.

They still burn lots of coal for that purpose.  More fossil fuel will be consumed

to deal with nuclear wastes, a problem which has not been solved responsibly.


Even if the nuclear fuel cycle did not consume fossil fuel, which it does, the amount

of green house gases from power plants is tiny compared to what comes from

automotive vehicles and from heating.  Nukes are no solution to global warming.


The nuclear industry has been the biggest enemy of alternative energy sources. 

Their lobbying starved these better sources of funds to rake in their own multi-billion dollar subsidies. 

This made their prophecies of renewable energy inadequacy a self fulfilling prophecy. 

If alternatives had received the moral equivalent of nuclear boondoggles and 

 fossil fuel tax breaks we would have had a cleaner renewable energy economy long ago.  


The nuclear industry lied under oath about how much energy we actually get from uranium. 

Their claims of net energy yield violate the second law of thermodynamics.

Their specifications for the transportation of nuclear wastes violate the law of conservation

of energy.  Rigged tests were used to convince the unwary  that unsafe

methods are perfectly O.K.


They lied about the casualties caused by nuclear accidents.  Thousands of victims of the

Three Mile Island accident were denied their day in court in a corrupt miscarriage of  justice.


They lied about the effect of the Chernobyl accident in the Soviet Union.

More than 2 million people in the Ukraine have been treated for radiation illness.

Only 20 per cent of the children in Belraus are healthy.  Ukrainian officials

believe that 7 million people throughout the former Soviet Union have suffered.  


A single accident can cause a trillion dollar disaster.  The industry will be excused. 

The Price Anderson Act abolishes everyone’s property rights to protect the property

rights of nuclear utilities.  No other energy source requires a Price Anderson Act.

Bush insists on renewing this Act.


Bush has deregulated the transportation of low level but highly toxic nuclear wastes.

 He is pushing to put  these poisons in ordinary garbage dumps. 


Now, the Bush Administration wants to pay half the cost of new nuclear plant designs

which are arguably less safe than the unsafe ones we already have. 

They feature a design that  can produce the kind of carbon fire that Chernobyl did.  

They want to eliminate 

protective enclosures to save costs.


Congress is about to ram through what that  king of  no-bid contracts

 Cheney decided, in  his secret energy meetings. 


The fraud and deceit of Enron is amateurish, compared to business

as usual in the  nuclear establishment.  


A lot of smart people have been taken in by nuclear disinformation. 

We need a responsible and intelligent energy policy, not like what is

being rushed through right now based on massive disinformation. 

Think twice about the nuclear option…you bet! 






Sidney J. Goodman, P.E, M.S.M.E.

(201) 327-5158

author of “Asleep at the Geiger Counter” published by Blue Dolphin, Inc.




Sidney Goodman
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