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Posted by: "Dr. Bill Corcoran"   drbillcorcoran

Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:51 am (PST)

For those interested in the current tritium news, here is the best basic information link I could find.
http://www.francenu mat/tritium_ e.htm

The NRC has its page at
http://www.nrc. gov/reactors/ operating/ ops-experience/ grndwtr-contam- tritium.html

The NRC has chartered a "lesson-learned task force" whose initial charter is at
http://adamswebsear idmws/doccontent .dll?library= PU_ADAMS^PBNTAD01&ID= 060790137: 6

The NEI has posted "key facts" at
http://www.nei. org/index. asp?catnum= 3&catid=1440

The UCS stepped to the plate at
http://www.ucsusa. org/news/ press_release/ nuclear-regulato ry-commission. html

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